Sharjah Municipality Rent Agreement Renewal

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Here are some of Sharjah`s rental laws that tenants should be aware of. It is strongly recommended that you read your lease very carefully before signing, in order to avoid rental disputes in the future. The family-friendly Emirate of Sharjah is a popular choice for tenants in the UAE, due to its affordability and wide real estate choice. Indeed, many tenants choose to rent in Sharjah and work in Dubai, taking advantage of the drop in rents and the plethora of amenities that the city has to offer. Some of Sharjah`s most popular residential areas boast waterfront homes, parks, sports fields, food, pharmacies and nearby retail shops. However, many tenants are unaware of Sharjah`s important rent law. MyBayut thus shares essential rental rules, laws and rights in Sharjah, which every tenant should be aware of. Khalid bin Falah Al Suwaidi, deputy general manager of customer service at Sharjah municipality, said the municipality has launched the contract certification service on its website. « The move will help the municipality close more transactions that keep customers and employees safe. » Mohammed Hassan Al Hammadi, director of the municipality`s rent regulation department, said the department provides its services paperless, given that several other departments are working on managing electronic transactions. Now, the service of owners and real estate agencies offers an electronic lease renewal service through the official website of Sharjah municipality. Below you will find important rental rules in Sharjah that protect the rights of tenants in the emirate: rental disputes can be filed electronicallyAl Hammadi said that the rent settlement service has added a scanner for after-sales service employees in the department to archive requests addressed to commission judges so that the customer can see the decision electronically, Without having to come to the community. « Complaints against landlords or tenants are also submitted to the judges for enforcement via the municipality`s website. Clients can access the judges` decisions through the website, » Sharjah Municipality announced that all of the municipality`s rental certificate services will be signed electronically from today.

No paper is used in all types of leasing services, a senior municipal official said. Salim Thabit Al Taraifi, general manager of the municipality, said the move is intended to save customers` time and effort and speed up the conclusion of different transactions. « The municipality has striven to complete most of its services and transactions electronically without having to use paper.