Sample Life Care Agreement

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Examples of care include: body care, food purchases, meal preparation, budget management, laundry, coordination of household and doctor bills, phone calls, financial management, transportation (taking into account mileage), medication tracking and management, tracking of health changes, and referral to doctors. Family support contracts must be signed by both the reference person and the beneficiary. In some states, certification is required for it to be Medicaid compliant. When planning the family reunion, it is important to involve all the necessary members. One question to consider is whether the person in care will participate. If your parent has dementia (for example.B Alzheimer`s or any other dementia), think about whether they have the ability to understand the discussion and whether it is likely worrisome. Are there « hot button » topics that should not be discussed in their presence? How important is it for them to participate in decisions made on their behalf? Participation in all or part of the meeting may allow the recipient to trust the healthcare team. This can contribute to their cooperation later on, if more difficult decisions need to be made. Depending on the situation, the nursing assistant may be considered an employee or an independent contractor, in accordance with the laws of the Federal State and the Confederation. The person caring for a loved one can make a considerable sacrifice: quitting a job and providing employment services. A formal agreement between family members may offer the possibility of compensating a caregiver if he or she is no longer able to have another job. Although most family members want to help and feel compelled to take care of a loved one, it is a job with high time obligations and responsibilities. One way to protect the caregiver and the person in care is to document the care relationship.

To determine the level of care required, talk to a local home care agency, doctor, senior care manager, hospital layoff planner or social worker. A fee may be charged to perform an assessment of care in the home. It will also help to anticipate future care needs. For example, if the recipient suffers from dementia, a decrease may require different care options. But who will take care of this care? The answer is usually close to home: an adult child. By default, a brother and sister can become a reference person, or one of them is chosen because he lives closer or because he has fewer family responsibilities. When preparing an agreement, ask yourself what any care task means. For example, define what « body care » is: does it include swimming, dressing, dental hygiene? If you specifically define the care tasks and time required, the result will be a more realistic assessment of care. They create a contractual relationship between employers (care recipients) and workers (caregivers), a relationship that requires withholding and paying taxes. Other considerations are whether to provide workers` benefits such as health insurance or workers` compensation.

In the area of tax and social security, you could seek the advice of a lawyer to confirm what is true in your situation. Consider a vacation pay plan to compensate for caregiver stress or an increase after a year for a job well done. Start date / Duration of the agreement The start date of care must be included in the agreement. Remember, this must be a future date; the contract cannot be demoted. It is also important to take into account the duration of the entry into force of the agreement. This can be short-term, for example. B only a few years, or for the life of the individual.. . .