Memorandum Of Agreement Ewc

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The SE agreement for Airbus was updated on 17 October 2018 and includes the creation of the Airbus Global Forum. It is composed of members of the WORKS COUNCIL of the SE and two trade union representatives from the regions; Middle East-Africa, Asia-Pacific, China, Latin America and North America. The forum meets once a year. The structure of the SE works council has also been changed. The two Divisional Committees for Helicopters and Defence and Space are maintained. However, the Aircraft Manufacturing Commission is merged with the works council of the holding company. A special committee of the SE works council is also set up for the passenger aircraft sector, the « Airbus Commercial Aircraft Commission », which meets twice a year. The agreement with Airbus SE was concluded in February 2015 and is submitted to the Dutch court (see report in the new EWCs 1/2015). On 31 A Memorandum of Understanding between Unilever`s central management and two international trade union confederations was signed in London on 10 October 2018.

The company undertakes to respect freedom of association and collective bargaining in all its subsidiaries and suppliers. Since 2010, biannual meetings have already taken place between the parties and two working groups on sustainable development and gender equality, which now have an institutional framework. An agreement on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace has also been concluded since January 2016 (see report in the new EWCs 1/2016). The EWC has its own offices at the company`s headquarters and an annual budget of €50,000 for training and travel costs beyond the usual meetings. A Commission on Corporate Social Responsibility was established in May 2018. Vinci`s Board of Directors is composed, according to current French law, of two employee representatives (see report in the new EWCs 3/2015), one of whom is elected by secret ballot by the EWC. Vinci concluded for the first time in 2003 an agreement on health and safety at work with the EWC (see the report in the new EWCs 1/2018). The agreement contains a methodology for the conduct of a consultation procedure and for the respective competences of the works councils of the holding company and the divisions. Once all the information is available, an analysis begins with the help of external experts, which can take up to five weeks. The opinion must be delivered after a total of nine weeks, to which the central management must respond within five days. An « advisory subcommittee » is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the consultation process.

The new structure will enter into force from September 2018 and, before that, the five existing European Works Councils will continue to work separately. This structure recalls the example of Airbus, where there are also several sectoral works councils (see the report in the new EWCs 1/2015). On 1 June 2017, Vinci`s central management and EWC renewed an agreement aimed at « zero accidents », concluded for the first time in 2003. . .