Consignment Agreement Artist Gallery

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Some artists may initially be reluctant to create a formal consignment contract – more paperwork and fear of unpleasant negotiations. However, consignment contracts are a professional practice that you should always use when you have relationships with galleries and have your art on the air. You can create a log report for work on each of your sites by clicking Locations in the menu on the left. In the gallery or reseller for which you want to create a report, click the gray Reports button and select Shipment Report from the drop-down menu. The Professional Guidelines Committee recommends that galleries provide artists with the names and addresses of all collectors of their unique works. One of the disadvantages is that, although the artist`s work is the property of the gallery, the artist is only paid when the work is sold. This trade agreement is so complex that misunderstandings and difficulties can arise if the parties were not aware of the terms of the agreement from the outset. 12. Advertising. The gallery does everything in its power to promote, exhibit and sell works of art. The gallery must clearly identify the artist`s name with all works of art and indicate the artist`s name on the contract for the sale of all works of art sold by the gallery.

15. Security Interest. This is a legal clause that protects the artist and states that the artist owns the delivered work until it is fully paid. Few states have laws that protect an artist`s work on air from the gallery`s creditors.