Breach Of Lease Agreement Florida

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If the duration of a rental agreement is greater than or equal to one year, it must be in writing. A lease is an enforceable lease, both written and oral, but if written, it makes it easier for each party to enforce the rights and obligations it has. Florida Statute 83.43 (12) defines a « surety » as any money held by the landlord as security for the performance of something under the lease. This can include things like financial harm suffered by the landlord if the tenant violates the rental agreement before its expiration date. Finally, in any civil action to enforce the terms of a lease, Florida law provides that the party in whose favor a judgment or executive order has been passed may recover reasonable attorneys` fees and legal costs from the other party. However, every situation is different. The main problem with this remedy is the landlord`s control over the behavior that affects the tenant. For example, if there is a crime wave in the area where the tenant resides, a tenant cannot blame the landlord for violating this agreement (perhaps for other lawsuits such as safety from negligence, but not for the inability to provide a peaceful and quiet home). See Fountas v. Ziegler, 305 para.

2d 864 (Fla.3d DCA 1974). Florida law requires that notices to a landlord and from a landlord be made in writing and either delivered by hand or mailed, even if the lease is oral. You should always keep a copy of correspondence with and from your landlord. The majority of residential real estate leases contain a number of provisions that cover different factors to help the lessor and tenant fully understand the responsibilities and rights they have. This implies that, in fact, the courts find that this agreement is so important that the owners violated this right when a landlord simply redeveloped the building in which the tenant lived. In the case of Carner v. Shapiro, the owner, had breached the duty of silent pleasure to one of his tenants on the first floor, when the owner only rebuilt the upper floors of the building. The Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act has a specific definition of rent under a residential lease agreement.

According to Florida Statute 83.43 (6), « rent » is defined as the regular payments that the tenant is entitled to the lessor in payment for the occupancy of the property under the lease agreement (lease). This includes all other payments due to the lessor by the tenant, as defined or referred to in the written agreement as « rent ». Please note that if these events occur, the landlord may give the tenant three days` notice for rent payment. To end the lease, if the unit does not have a written lease or if the lease does not say otherwise and the unit is leased from month to month, you must be modest in writing at least 15 days before the end of a monthly period; A week-to-week rental period requires seven days` notice before a weekly period expires. Such notice must be made in writing and must be served personally on the tenant, but may be posted at the door if the tenant is not on the premises. If the written lease requires the tenant to file notice up to 60 days before the unit leaves, the lessor is required to give the tenant the same notice that there is no intention to renew the lease. In certain circumstances, if the provisions of the lease permit, a lease may be terminated if one party sends its intention in writing to the other party. The amount of the required notice period is determined according to the rental agreement or, if this is not stipulated in the rental agreement, the periods for which the rent must be paid.

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