Bilateral Agreement Israel And Philippines

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In a previous report, philippine Ambassador to Israel Nathaniel Imperial said the labor cooperation contract « will hopefully ensure that the farm placement fees charged to our workers will be significantly reduced or even eliminated. » Our bilateral relations had been established by great Filipino leaders: President Manuel Quezon opened the doors of the Philippines to Jews fleeing the Nazi regime in the late 1930s and, under president Manuel Roxas, the Philippines was the only Asian country in the United Nations General Assembly to vote on November 29 in favor of the creation of the State of Israel. 1947. We will always be grateful. If we look at 2020, we see a better future in our bilateral relations, as improved after President Duterte`s historic visit to Israel. Israel and the Philippines signed, in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Duterte in Jerusalem, Israel, three bilateral agreements focused on Filipino animators, scientific cooperation and bilateral agreements There are currently fourteen major bilateral agreements between the Philippines and Israel: « This is the money that is taken away from caregivers and their families, from Israeli families who want their service. It`s an extraordinary agreement and I think it heralds the kind of friendship we are developing, » the prime minister said. ### NDP The Philippines voted in favor of UN Resolution 181, which in 1947 recommended the partition of Palestine and the creation of a Jewish state. The Philippines was among the 33 countries that supported the creation of Israel and was the only Asian country to vote in favor of the resolution.