The First Agreement Dizzy Wright

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Wright`s vertigo props you do well keep the real one. Fakes will never take the out of a hype. (dizzy wright) Verse 1 they tell me, I get along like a prophet feedin my niggas with knowledge mistakin theres was too much trust in in depth nigga business we maintain in him solid to teach and learn, educator for this heaven on earth overcominous all my family doubt the man of the house to observe the shit can get worse, but we do it through in the illuminatin , that the whole equation creatin i no you cant see but I teach my niggas to better communicators they chase us one after another us down I try not to sound like a preacher, but when our daughters and sons are kings and queens, they must be prepared to guide after order and not the man with the plan gets the greatest respect as well in bowing down with my hands together to pray for every person, whose strength we found in this set for you to believe and inspire when in what I read and now I feel like what I had to teach, started with the first chord I have to play this (despite the Blesam) for my students today after our march for peace. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. They`ll do it, too. Btw Genie to draw the four chords, if that`s the case. Listen to him, plan to read it. Peace (dizzy wright) Verse 2 to my single parents, young mothers do not fit in their language, it`s a shame, but also by all your pain I hope you love your child in lovin the feeling that we do it just for my niggas that loosin they see, you can not criticize that you do if you are still a student to live a sad truth product part , when it`s hard to set you apart to break it now, so that his understanding comes to me philosophy with proof of success requires a straight forward push is the only way to look at i head, if you have something of a nigga the best way to do it, it is to put in a book, so they are those shit imma difficult to talk about principles in general and people You Ballinin , you did it, you were happy, you flexin every rapper the story sounds identical flowing in a better life gives reasons for you to believe that I picked up a book and was read and now I feel like what I should teach with the first chord is not worthy because of things like that … Vertiginous in the bottom with you bro (manny scott) The word intro is not just a scribbled symbol or a spoken tone the word is not like a roaring lion, that no one is really afraid no, the word has power and it can make you the most trusting friend or your most terrible enemy that you see as a seed gives life as a lamp light as a mirror reflects the word purifies as a hammer the word crushed like a sword cuts the word oh but as medicine heals the word and as a consul consoles the word see you, the word lives and waits for it, wait for you to invoke it as a soldier and send him to battle then tell IS why I love Dizzy He U A story with I Fucks WITH DIZZY FRFR!!!!! (nikkiya) Choir can humiliate my heart is always open, because I understand behind every great man is a situation that I look into your eyes I look at the pain that causes ive and so I apologize ..