Section 106 Agreement Stockport

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If there is some flexibility in the legal agreement, the proposals will be evaluated on the basis of six criteria by a strategic panel composed of senior officials and members of the Council. This will ensure that each proposal is subject to objective review and that the Commission makes the best use of the funds received. The criteria are: Contact: Richard Booker, Services to Place 0161 474 4829, E-Mail: Email: Tel: 0161 474 4829. Councils use Section 106 agreements when they adopt planning requests to ensure that developers inject money into nearby parks, sports facilities, road repairs or affordable housing to mitigate the impact of new construction. He said: « Planning is about creating great places to live. The agreements in Section 106 should help public space and spaces of freedom to make places beautiful for life. We ask you to provide the name and contact information of the applicant, the address and postcode of the site, and the application number for the planning of the legal agreement (although this is optional). « So if you imagine that an evolution would not be viable, that it could not continue, if an agreement is reached under Section 106, we must ignore the problems of Section 106. » Section 106 Agreements are negotiated between the Commission and developers during the planning process to offset the negative effects of development. What a developer needs to consider as part of the agreement is that we can report on the current status of Section 106 agreements.

Section 106 of the money is spent in accordance with the terms of the legal agreement reached at the time of the granting of the building permit. In some cases, legal agreements are specific, in others there is some flexibility. The reason for this flexibility is to ensure that funds can be used for large-scale projects for a larger area, rather than just local projects for a smaller area. « It`s not an ideal situation, but we have our hands tied – and it`s better to have some money, new housing and new jobs than nothing at all. We include « recovery clauses » in our Section 106 agreements so that we can reassess post-development profitability to determine if further contributions are needed. The member of the Cabinet of Municipalities and Housing adopted Section 106 for Development NO. DC068899 (development of the former Davenport Hotel, 175 Buxton Road, Stockport) of $38,797.14 for formal sport for « Phase 1 Improvements to the Torkington Park Skate Area » According to Council policy, developers should pay $2.5 million in section 106 items under the Clippers Quay Agreement. Council officials state that in 2013/14, $1,428,476 of Section 106 contributions were spent on maintenance work, services or services in Salford, which will « reduce the impact » of the developments that provided the money.