Icbc Moveup Agreement

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On Monday, ICBC MoveUP members voted to ratify a new five-year collective agreement that will come into force on June 30, 2019. The agreement provides Moveup and ICBC with the opportunity to improve benefits for current employees and retirees, improve the transportation rights of members outside the lower continent, and improve the language regarding workplace assessment and the Joint Committee on Safety and Health and the Workplace Environment. The agreement also requires ICBC to better support claims workload committees and to begin an investigation into the caseload in the claims department by July 1 of this year, with phase two of the study scheduled to begin by January 2017. Burnaby – UNIONized ICBC employees voted to adopt their renegotiated collective agreement. Members of the Canadian Trade Union and Workers` Trade Union, Local 378 (MoveUP), voted 71 per cent in favour of the agreement. « It was a hard-won agreement, » said David Black, President of MoveUP. « In addition to the three-day strike where our members went to picket lines, we have put in place significant internal work measures, including training, overtime bans and reduced workloads. » MoveUP members benefit from five-year wage increases with wage increases, with the potential for additional increases if economy B.C.-Economy exceeds the annual forecasts of the Economic Forecasting Council over the last four years of agreements. Click on the logos below or search for their employer name to find your collective agreement, union representative or the latest job slips. « This is a fundamental agreement, » Schwarz said. « We wanted greater job protection – our members face overwhelming workloads that can affect the services the public receives. But with this agreement, their wages will not lag behind inflation, and we can begin to solve the workload problem. Media Contact: Jarrah Hodge, The agreement includes four pay increases of one per cent, with the first retroactive pay increase to July 1, 2012, additional maternity and parental leave, and the promise of a work study, the first icBc workload study in nearly 20 years. The four-year contract that has just been ratified includes approximately 4,600 ICBC employees. The duration of the agreement is from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2014.

The ICBC Board of Directors will vote on the agreement on December 6. Access your collective agreements, portal, newsletters and resources. « We`re in the same position as the BC pilot, » Black said. « We are only looking for fair and reasonable treatment. And we didn`t mess with the work; We give information to drivers. It is incredible that ICBC is responding by trying to prevent communication with our members. Pledge Now and You Could Win Our union is once again proud to support the annual United Way fundraising campaign. Every year, we work with ICBC to… The slogan is We Work.