Apple End-User License Agreement (Eula)

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2. License scope: the license granted to the end user for the licensed application must be limited to a non-negotiable license for the use of the application granted to Apple-branded products that the end user owns or controls, and in accordance with the rules of use set out in the terms and conditions of sale of Apple Media Services, except that this application licenses other accounts related to the buyer through family sharing or volume purchase , can be called and used. Their use of Apple software or hardware products is based on the software license and other terms and conditions applicable to the product at the time of purchase. Your consent to these conditions is required to install or use the product. Please note that the license of the software attached to the product at the time of purchase may differ from the version of the license that you can check here. Be sure to read the applicable conditions carefully before installing the software or using the product. This agreement, made available to all developers by Apple, applies to applications published by App Store developers, unless the developer opts for a custom EULA instead of the one provided by Apple by default. Apps made available through the App Store will be granted and not sold. Your license for each application is subject to prior approval of this end-of-year license license agreement (« STANDARD EULA ») or a personalized end-user license agreement between you and the application provider (« Custom EULA »), if one of them is provided. Your license for an Apple application under this standard CLA or custom CLA is granted by Apple, and your license for any third-party application under this standard CLA or custom CLA is granted by the application provider of that third-party application. Each application submitted to this C.A.C.A.

is called a « licensed application. » The app provider or Apple (« licensee ») reserves all rights to and from the licensed application that was not expressly granted to you under this standard BUM. An EULA agreement allows users to download their app to their iPhone or iPad and use the app, but never rediscover, copy or develop parts of the app for their personal gain. In principle, it is stipulated that users acquire the right to use your application without gaining ownership. 9. Third-party contractual terms: You must state in the ECJ that the end user must comply with the contractual terms applicable to third parties when using your application, for example. B if you have a VoIP app, the end user should not violate their agreement on wireless data services when using your app.