Toronto Condo Parking Rental Agreement

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He saw that the car parks were working at $15 or $20 a day, while monthly prices ranged from $50 to $450 per month. Indoor spots and those near a city centre tended to raise prices. Those interested in renting their parking (or a housing company that wishes to ban this activity) should therefore take a look at the existing municipal statutes to see where they are. This article led us to examine the rules applicable to owners who wish to rent their parking space. In fact, the occupant of a downtown apartment, who does not own a car, may be tempted to rent his parking lot to third parties. Is that permissible? Ideally, you should have this document signed before using the parking lot. Disputes can arise at any time, but are more likely to be easily developed if the parties have a clear and executed lease before the relationship begins. As to whether you can rent your car park in a residential complex, you must first determine who owns the car park in question. Sometimes condominiums are made up of common elements assigned to owners/occupiers. In other cases, these are only common elements that are exclusively available to specific owners/occupiers. This is often the case in townhouses, access being an exclusive common element reserved for the owner of the townhouse.

Finally, in some cases, car parks are a separate unit (with a single title). The third section (« rent ») will serve its function by documenting the amount to be paid to the landlord so that the tenant can park his vehicle in the parking lot in question. First fill the double-digit day of each month when the parking space rent is due on the first empty line. The second and third rooms available for « rental » require that the rent be presented in two ways. First write this amount in the second line, then, using the third available area, produce the rent in brackets The landlord challenged this parking obligation in accordance with the statutes, first by arguing that the condo company could not rent the common parking spaces and, on the other hand, arguing that such a status was depressing.