Stamp Duty For Loan Agreement In Bihar

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B. I find that the equalization tax mentioned in paragraph 5 is not appropriate. Please refer the matter to Collector u/s 47-A. However, in the opposite scenario, the buyer will have to pay 0.40% additional stamp duty. This means that when a man buys a property from a woman, the former pays 6.40% of the real estate costs as a stamp duty. 23. Register of accounts for service stamps. Same obligation as transportation (No. 23) on the market value of the property of the highest value Home Real Estate Trends  » Stamp duty and land registration fees in the agreement of Patna 5 (a) If, in the context of the sale of real estate (b)if, as part of an agreement, thieves or developers, as it is called, for the construction, or sale or transfer (in any way) of real estate – (i) if the market value of the property does not exceed (ii) when the market value of the property exceeds 30 lakh, but does not exceed sixty lakhes; (iii) when the market value of the building exceeds the rupees of sixty lakhs, but no more than one crore; (iv) where the market value of the buildings is greater than a crore but does not exceed one and a half crore; (v) if the market value of the building exceeds the rupees by one and a half times, the three rupees crore, but not; (vi) when the market value of the building exceeds three rupees; (There are other clauses as well) Stamp duty – Major Head-0030-Stamp and Registration-Sub Major Head-02-Stamp Non-judicial Minor Head-103-payment of stamp duty on instruments- Sub-Head-0001 -Total receipt primary unit 75 49- Total receipt- Bill code- R0030021 0300001 (xiii) A surrender deed requesting a stamp duty exemption is presented, because the original lease was thus exempt, and refuses the party, the original lease or a certified copy of it to ensure that the document is either duly stamped or is not liable for stamp duty. Payment of stamp duty paid ….

Challan nr. and stamp/registration fee date Unlike most states where buyers pay 1% of the transaction value as registration fees, buyers must pay 2% tax on real estate and register registration in Bihar. This applies regardless of the gender of the person registering the property. Buyers of real estate in Patna must pay fees and registration fees at the time of registration of real estate, according to the provisions of several laws, including the Registration Act, 1908. Patna stamp duty and registration fees can significantly increase purchase costs. Therefore, the buyer must consider these two expenses before purchasing land or real estate in the capital of Bihar. Yes, buyers can pay stamp duty online in Patna by visiting and register on the official website discounts are offered to female buyers depending on who the shares of the transaction are.