Linkedin Master Service Agreement

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LinkedIn may, at its discretion, modify or terminate some or all of the advertising services or suspend your ability to use advertising services (even if you do not meet LinkedIn`s credit authorization requirements). LinkedIn and its affiliates retain the full and total right to advertise their own products and services and to participate in auctions through ad services to run such advertisements. If a problem arises as part of the agreement and the applicable order document has been signed by (a) LinkedIn Corporation or Glint, Inc., the agreement is subject to the laws of the State of California, and any action or procedure (including claims or claims arising from the agreement) is brought before a federal court in the Northern District of California; (b) LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, the agreement is then subject to the laws of Ireland, and all actions or proceedings (including those arising from non-contractual disputes or claims) relating to the agreement are brought to Dublin, Ireland; or (c) LinkedIn Singapore, then the agreement is subject to Singapore laws, and all measures or procedures related to the agreement are collected in Singapore. Each party submits irrevocably to the jurisdiction and the competent court. The dominant party in a dispute may attempt to recover reasonable legal fees and fees. Irrespective of the above, LinkedIn may agree, for clients established in the European Union, to facilitate, at first instance, the referral of a dispute to one of the following brokerage service providers, if such a referral is likely to result in a quick and definitive resolution because of the nature of the dispute. Unless the parties are agreed in these Terms of Use or otherwise in writing, raw responses are not provided to clients for the identification of individual interviewees and personal data (as defined in Section 1 of the CCA) in relation to individual survey participants (« Identifiable Data »). The customer will not attempt to detect identifiable data. The customer must provide the customer`s users with reasonable information about the information required by applicable laws or regulations and, if required by applicable legislation or regulations, obtain appropriate consent or other appropriate legal basis from the client`s users for: (i) the collection, transfer and processing of customer data through services and (ii) the customer`s use of service providers or other third parties that order Glint to send or receive data. The customer indicates that he or she does not process sensitive service data. The customer may authorize access and use of the Services to its affiliates if the Customer is fully responsible for the use of the Services by its affiliates and compliance with the agreement (including a « customer ») with each affiliate. Glint uses Glint subprocessors listed on and whose list is updated from time to time.

Glint is responsible and responsible to the customer for the actions and omissions of its subcontractors or other subcontractors in the provision of services. Subject to the privacy policy related to the lead forms, the confidentiality expectations of the person concerned, the applicable law and these conditions, as well as the extent of all consents obtained via the lead gen forms, you can use: a) the form data and (b) only share the form data to people acting on your behalf, for example.B. Your service provider, as long as you are responsible for the respective compliance with the advertising agreement and the respective use of the form data on your behalf is limited.